While at DotNetSync Shumaila Imran has been a model employee. During my management experience I have never had a more dedicated employee.

In Shumaila’s capacity of senior web developer/team lead, she has been able to demonstrate a vast array of skills that have been essential to DotNetSync. When Shumaila first came to DNS our website and IT infrastructure was in chaos, with her analytical approach and attention to detail, Shumaila was able to rectify the situation and change the IT culture here at DNS.

Her strong grasp of technology, programming and meticulous nature, have made her the perfect teacher and allowed us to get more out of junior staff than you should ever expect.  She possesses the necessary team leadership and problem solving skills that are essential to meet deadlines and insure quality.

Her strong leadership and technical skills were essential in executing a colossal project here at DNS that encompassed everything from database work, programming in ASP.NET/C# and implementing architecture design and patterns.

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