I can’t recommend Shumaila highly enough. She has helped me with several projects almost over ten years, ranging from PowerPoint to MailChimp to Website Design & Maintenance. Most importantly, she worked closely with me developing a complex 50 page website, which others had not had the stamina to stay with. She is very patient in explaining tech issues which are good for me to know about, while handling most herself. She is very diligent on understanding and incorporating design ideas I propose. She also explains technical reasons if some ideas can’t be done exactly as envisioned and provide great alternatives. For a specialized web function which made more sense to ask a specialty group to create, Shumaila had been a tremendous help in thinking through tech aspects I had only sketchy understanding. She was quite diplomatically assertive with interfacing with others for best product outcome. I know she has also done great work for a friend. I’m deeply appreciative of her, fortunate to have her employ her expertise on my projects. You’ll be fortunate if Shumaila has time to consider your work!

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